Our Team

We’ve been working with leading dietary supplement, personal care and functional food companies in both the retail and professional channels for almost two decades. We care deeply about making a difference in people’s lives through supporting integrative health & wellness companies with strategic consulting, market research and brand development that creates lasting value in the marketplace. You can read more about our backgrounds here.

Our Manifesto

  1. We believe a brand is a living system that operates best in harmony toward a greater purpose.
  2. We believe the word “consumer” should be eliminated from our vocabulary, because it’s no longer about consumption — it’s about participation.
  3. We believe a brand should know its participants deeply — and give them reason to participate.
  4. We will not create a false separation between our “business self” and our “true self.”
  5. We will embrace the connections that make us human and encourage a brand to do the same.
  6. We will be truthful and transparent.
  7. We believe you are what you focus your attention on.
  8. We will create alliances and connections.
  9. We will foster a culture of collaboration.
  10. We will walk our talk every day.

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