Consumer Research & Insights

Who are your target consumers? What is their market size? How can you best engage them? 

Getting this market insight is essential for today’s supplement brands. But the research required is often a budget breaker.

Not any longer.

Pure Branding’s Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research & Typing Tool is unique in the supplement world: a quick, cost-effective and actionable custom research tool powered by predictive, market-sized segmentation. 

  • Significant cost savings from designing and fielding a unique segmentation study
  • Customization for your specific brand needs and insights
  • Immediate market sizing to inform economic opportunity, key direction and new action steps
  • Research results in half the time of a custom consumer segmentation study

The Census-Balanced Insights

The PureSegmentation™ Research is based on a rigorous segmentation database developed from more than 2,000 quantitative interviews of census-balanced U.S. supplement consumers for a +/- 2% margin error.

The stand-alone full 163-page foundational research report provides insight into what motivates the six PureSegments. You will know the market size of these segments, and you will be able to determine how to leverage your current brand attributes to appeal to the behaviors and attitudes of your key segments.

The Algorithmic Typing Tool

The typing tool, based on a predictive algorithm, is designed to place supplement consumers in their psychographic and behavioral market-sized segments.

Working collaboratively with clients, we develop your custom survey based on your objectives and our hypotheses.

Designed for rapid innovation and/or brand repositioning, the Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Typing Tool will:

  • Shore up your base
  • Drive growth
  • Help you forecast with greater accuracy 
  • Identify and reach new, younger consumers
  • Motivate and engage the greatest number of relevant consumers
  • Improve brand loyalty and engagement
  • Expand into new channels and adjacencies with greater confidence

Customer Journey Mapping

What are the key milestones and influences along your shoppers’ journey – and where can you best support them? Where is the influence of your target consumer’s social network its strongest? When is brand consideration at its peak?

Using data from the consumer research, we define the customer journey for your target segment(s), identifying the moments where the brand should intersect. 

We define the preliminary role of marketing within your customers’ journey and how paid, earned, and owned touchpoints can contribute to marketing objectives.