The 12 Most Common Supplement Branding Mistakes

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From startups to established brands, here are the 12 patterns we’ve seen supplement brands falling into over the last 20 years.

From years of working with leading dietary supplement brands, we know these are the hard truths you face. While each company has its own unique set of challenges, there is more commonality than difference. Established leaders, with decades of success and revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars, aren’t any more immune to these mistakes than their smaller competitors with $20 million in revenue.

1. They lead with the science.

Science is critically important because it ensures that your products are efficacious, that you’re using the right ingredient in the right dose. But when everyone is making the same claims, science becomes the cost of entry at best and just noise to the consumer at worst. The father of what we know as modern “positioning,” the late Jack Trout, may have called supplement science the “credentials” — they have to be there to support your claim of difference. But when everyone is using the same claim of difference (and let’s be realistic, your competitors are making those very same claims), it becomes meaningless.


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