Content Strategy

It’s simple, really. Without a Content Strategy, there is less likelihood of relevant, recent or consistent engagement between you and your customers and prospects. There is a greater likelihood of failure to communicate. Are you willing to take that risk?

Content Strategy and development are integral to successful Brand Strategy and execution. It is the path to meaningful interaction with your participants.

Brand Communication Map

A Brand Communication Map is a succinct tool that takes your participants through the brand story and architecture. You can use it to:

  • Align your internal staff (from sales and marketing to education and PR) with the key talking points they can internalize and make their own
  • Establish a framework for all brand-specific content and storytelling

Brand Narrative

The Brand Narrative is the core story of your brand, written in the new brand voice. It is the foundational tool for many different aspects of the brand’s communication, including your website, digital marketing, social media and video. It defines the voice for all aspects of communication, guiding your writing team to tell the story with passion, clarity and consistency.

Content Strategy Matrix  

A Content Strategy Matrix outlines the core content that is used to communicate with customers and prospects, whether online or in print. We audit your existing content and collateral, identify gaps and hierarchize content development. The matrix connects your target participants with topics of greatest interest. It is foundational to a successful content marketing program.

Content Intensive

Now that you know whom you want to communicate with and the right strategy to guide that communication, the next stage is writing and developing all the content.

The Content Intensive is an on-site workshop in which we kick-start the content creation in accordance with the Brand Communication Map and the Content Strategy Matrix. We work with your writing team to create the foundational narratives, the core white papers or e-books, email and drip campaigns, and landing pages.

“Marketing a French medicine with a Latin name as complicated as Oscillococcinum is not a piece of cake. Pure Branding helped us strike a delicate balance between serious pharmaceutical positioning and a relevant and consumer-friendly message.”

Audrey Julienne
Marketing Director, Boiron USA

95% Is Just Showing Up

Content does not grow on trees. So we practice what we preach. We have our own Content Strategy, complete with personas and a content matrix. But what makes it work is the quality and quantity of what we write.