Know Your Consumer

Supplement brands today compete in an increasingly crowded market. For every need – whether it be immune support, reduction of stress and anxiety, or prenatal support — there are countless options. Many companies offer personalization and quizzes to find out what consumers need in terms of specific supplements. But what needs-based insights don’t tell you is what influences a consumer’s brand choice.

Increasing Conversion & Influencing Brand Choice

US supplement consumers fall into 6 distinct segments. One is your key target. Another may be a secondary group. Knowing your consumer segment is critical for all supplement brands. For new and emerging brands, it is the only way to survive.

With Pure Branding’s Supplement Consumer Insight Accelerator you can find out within two to three weeks in which segment the majority of your customers live. Knowing this will help you leverage your brand to take full advantage of your target consumers’ supplement behavior.

How it Works

The Supplement Consumer Insight Accelerator utilizes Pure Branding’s Supplement Consumer PureSegmentation™ Research & Typing Tool — a quick, cost-effective and actionable custom research tool powered by predictive, market- sized segmentation. It’s based on a rigorous segmentation database developed from more than 2,000 quantitative interviews of census-balanced U.S. supplement consumers for a +/- 2% margin error. The typing tool, based on a predictive algorithm, places your consumers in their psychographic and behavioral market-sized segments.

Here’s how it can work for you:


  1. You’ll be licensed a copy (and Pure Branding will present) the full 163-page foundational research report so you will understand what motivates your key PureSegments. You will know the market size of these segments, and you will be able to determine how to leverage your current brand attributes to appeal to your key segments.
  2. Pure Branding will facilitate a 90-minute consultative session to help make the insights actionable and answer any questions you have.


  1. You’ll send one or two emails to a sample of your customer list, inviting them to share their thoughts about health and wellness.
  2. Respondents complete the online 16-question typing tool questionnaire.
  3. Respondents will also answer two questions specific to your brand.
  4. You will instantly know in which of the 6 PureSegments your customers fall.

You will get the actionable data you need in just 2–3 weeks. Contact us at the form below to get things started.