“Instilling Practitioner Confidence” at The Practitioner Channel Forum

Speaker: Yadim Medore
Location: The Practitioner Channel Forum — San Diego, California

If you’re like most direct-to-practitioner brands, your sales team barely has time to visit the top 20% of accounts that make up 80% of your business. How do you make sure you are connecting personally with the remaining 80% of accounts, instilling confidence so they have an opportunity to grow their business — and yours? In his 60-minute presentation, “Instilling Practitioner Confidence: Proven Strategies for Successful Business-to-Practitioner Marketing”, Yadim Medore will explain the new rules of Business-to-Practitioner (B2P) Marketing and how you can leverage marketing automation technology (MAT) platforms for success. Yadim will also review the most common MAT platforms and the pros and cons of each for practitioner brands.

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