The Truth about Natural Personal Care Brands

Natural personal care or skin care companies share a two-part belief that goes like this:

  1. The skin is the largest organ of the body.
  2. It makes better sense to “feed” this organ natural or organic ingredients rather than synthetic ones, the premise being that natural is safe and synthetic not necessarily so.

And every natural skin care company out there nurtures, restores, revitalizes and nourishes, and promises that everyone who uses their products will have radiant, glowing, vital and healthy skin.

Differentiation is key. Finding it is the challenge.

Furthermore, how do you talk about your formulation in a transparent way when some of you still use synthetics for key active ingredients to meet consumer expectation of performance?

You want your natural personal care brand to reach more people, change more lives, generate more loyal participants and have greater impact, both socially and financially. We’re here to help.

“Branding personal care is like a moving target. One year it’s ‘natural’ and the next it’s ‘organic.’ The key is to identify what makes your brand of skin care unique in a way that can’t be copied. The team at Pure Branding worked with us to dig deep. In the process, we created a brand strategy and expression that changed the way people saw Dr. Hauschka and made it the leader in its category of holistic skin care.”

Susan Kurz
Former President, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care


Aura Cacia
Dr. Hauschka