The 8 Patterns of Functional Food & Beverage Brands

Functional food & beverage is a broad category. We’ve worked with brands that sell medicinal teas, superfoods, energy beverages, protein powders, smoothie ingredients and healthful oils. From startups to established brands, here are the eight patterns we’ve seen functional food & beverage brands falling into, time and again.

  1. They are not sure if they are a food or a supplement
  2. They believe their product is the most bioavailable
  3. They are hindered by a lack of consumer insight
  4. They believe that their health claims differentiate them
  5. They believe their solution is the best
  6. They believe that high quality is more than just the cost of entry
  7. They think that consumers will easily change their habits for them
  8. They are disproportionately impacted by both good and bad press

OK, take a breath. Recognize your situation in any of these patterns?

From years of working with leading functional food & beverage brands, we know these are the hard truths you face. While each company has its own unique set of challenges, there is more commonality among them than difference. Established leaders, with decades of success and revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars, aren’t any more immune to these mistakes than their smaller competitors with $20 million in revenue.

You want your functional food & beverage brand to reach more people, change more lives, generate more loyal participants and have greater impact, both socially and financially. We’re here to help.

‚ÄúI hired Pure Branding to help us refresh and reposition our 35-year-old iconic natural foods brand to be more relevant to today‚Äôs consumer. Through getting to know our company and then combining that with their expertise, they built the foundation for our new branding that is in the marketplace today ‚ÄĒ and is enabling us to reach many new consumers. The Pure Branding team was a delight to work with, all bright,¬†smart folks that showed great reverence for our company history yet also constructively challenged all our thinking. Having Pure Branding‚Äôs talents applied to any business will only yield positive results.‚ÄĚ

Blair Kellison
CEO, Traditional Medicinals


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When You Work with Pure Branding, You’re in Good Company

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